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Nov 6, 2009
Sister in Christ

I would like to congratulate all your hard work. May God bless you and many others who were involved in creating the idea of programming bible study in the computer. May you all have a wonderful and easy path in continuing a great job (Bible study program) for the Armenian community.

Feb 2, 2010
Sister in Christ

This website is incredible! This is a true blessing for those that cannot make it to bible study every week. Now I can download and listen in my car. May God bless you abundantly for your great work!

Mar 18, 2010
Sister in Christ

Amen or yeteh bible study medig chenem bagasoutyun gezkam orvan mech yev Asdvads mishd tzerke veranit ellah yev sharounagek tser korzereh ir anounov...aghchiges vor 8 daregan eh kishernereh bargelen arach medig enel gou dam tzer khoskereh, kidem vor chi hasgenar ter puyts gouzem aganche lezvi.

Nov 25, 2010
Brother in Christ

Thank you for ''Armenian Bible Study'' group.. keep up the good work. May The Lord Bless you beyond imagination..

Dec 6, 2010
Sister in Christ

This bible study idea, we need it long time ago, as a armenian growing up in states, I was never close to the church, know I look at in different way. Thanks and thanks a bunch.

Feb 7, 2011
Sister in Christ

I thank all those who had the idea to create such a site on facebook, because this will be our daily bread and inspiration towards God. I welcome Hayr Bartev Gulumian. God bless.

May 13, 2011
Sister in Christ

My prayers are with all of you and Hayr Partev! I pray God to protect you anytime and from anything. I pray his present to always be strong at wherever you are so you will be encouraged more. Thanks for your time serving our Lord and us!

Sep 09, 2012
Brother in Christ

I like your site as it helps me improve my Armenian as I compare it to English.I also share your site with my other Armenian friends.God bless you

May 02, 2013
Sister in Christ

I would just like to thank you for all your effort in creating and maintaining this amazing resource for our community. It is truly appreciated.

May 08,2013
Sister in Christ

Sireli website badaaskhanadouner Khorin Shnorhagaloutyun gouzem haydnel tsezi aysbisi gaykech badrasdelnout hamar. Anabadi mech nsdads amen or tsez mdig gnem yev Park goudam Asdso vor aysbisi website koyoutyune ouni oor ge kdnem serdoghoutyunner inchbes naey hokevor tsaynaspure. Togh Asdvads tser ouje aveltsne ou touk garenak mishd norokel ays website . Gaghotem tser hamar inchbes nayev Hayr Barthevin hamar.orhnyal ellak. Ourakhoutyamp ge haydnem Im hye paregamouhinerous ays gaykechin masin. Togh Asdso khoske amenourek lsvi . Tser kouyre Qataren

Oct 28,2013
Sister in Christ

Praise the Lord for such a beautiful website. By God's given grace we pray that you may continue to work for His glory and honor. This website clearly glorifies the Lord and helps many faithful remain in peace by reading the Holy scriptures and listening to the liturgy and holy hymns on the radio. Please keep up the good work by God's given strength.

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